About Proud Things

Be proud of what you do. Let me help you.

Proud Things is my effort to help people accomplish their goals.

My name is Shannon Watson, and I have always had a deep desire to help make the world a better place. This company, Proud Things, is the best way I can do that. My focus and goal is to help you find solutions and the courage to turn your dream into reality. I have helped friends and family to accomplish their life goals, including working to overcome anxiety, completing a bachelor’s degree, and recognizing their potential for personal and professional growth.

I have a Masters degree in Environmental Planning and have spent almost a decade managing teams in the environmental field. In my studies, I realized that all things are ultimately connected. If we can identify those connections, we can enhance them to achieve almost anything. In my career, I have developed skills to help me become a strong leader, to plan projects, and to help others find solutions to obstacles they are facing. By listening actively to understand the goal, asking lots of questions, and providing exceptional feedback and customer service, I can guide you toward solutions to your own obstacles to success.

I am honest, trustworthy, and intelligent. Your privacy is a primary focus as we work together to identify the steps toward the ideas you have and the life you want. I encourage you to reach out to me today and let me know what dreams and goals I can help you to achieve.